Things I Love Thursday

August 5, 2010 at 5:55 pm (Things I Love)

Thursdays just seem to arrive faster and faster – I can’t keep up! Anyway, here I am to continue this blog’s tradition of sending out a whole post of gratitude on a Thursday (originating of course from the queen herself, Gala Darling).

The pictures in today’s TiLT are brought to you by Guess. Their Fall 2010 ad campaign has a gorgeous early sixties vintage feel to it. I for one am loving the 50s/60s fashion trends coming back in with a modern twist. Fashionising has the whole campaign here.

What have I loved this week…?

Coming in under budget in Week 1. By $44.90 even. Maybe I’m not so terrible with money after all – I just needed a bit of structure.  : )

Shedding 4.9% body fat and 2cm off most of my body since June. All the Lite n Easy dinners, the BodyBalance classes, vigorous netball games and personal training sessions have paid off. Woohoo!

This quote. The thing that is really hard, & really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself. ~ Anna Quindlen

Appreciating my talent. A few days ago I listened to a number of songs I wrote and recorded years ago. At the time I thought they were pretty awful and laughed at myself for ever thinking I had an ounce of songwriting talent, but they weren’t too bad y’know! It reminded me that you really are your own worst critic.

Booking beauty appointments in the lead up to our trip. Oh yes, I was serious about taking on the Maintenance Cycle challenge. Brows done, hair cut tomorrow, facial on the 19th, hair colour on the 20th. As my nails are still stubs, I may need to have pedicures rather than manicures to complete the challenge.

Other:   feeling like I’m helping people at work, homemade cookies, making up silly rhymes, dreaming of all the glamourous things I can buy in Paris on my allocated shopping day (!), crawling into bed after a hot shower (awesome snuggly feeling), Saturday afternoon BBQs (with a little too much vino), gleeful anticipation, selling unwanted items on eBay, fruit tarts, breakfast dates and movie nights with girlfriends.

What have you been loving recently? Care to share in a comment?


  1. Sarah said,

    I love that I quit my job this week with no job to go to! I feel liberated and happy again for the first time in a long time – I can’t wait to finally rediscover the fun loving and happy girl who seemed to get lost in her job a while back. Yay TILT!!!! :-)

  2. Laura said,

    I love…

    … This post! And this blog in general, it’s lovely!

    … That it feels like summer in Perth! The sky has been clear and sunny all week long, and it is hot!

    … My lovely new boss :)

    … That I made a new friend this week!

    Have a wonderful weekend, xx

    • Kimberley said,

      Thank you so much Laura, that is a lovely thing to say!
      Glad you have so many things bringing you joy. :) xx

  3. Tom said,

    the amazing Spit Syndicate album called ‘Exile’. Such an incredible talent & sound

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