Things I Love Thursday

August 12, 2010 at 6:26 pm (Things I Love)

Here in Melbourne Thursday greeted us with a storm – certainly an interesting way to welcome the day anyway! Hope you have had lots of blissful moments to be grateful for this week. If not, sometimes it’s nice to know what’s making other people smile.

Happy Blog Birthday! Yesterday was this little blog’s 1st birthday which makes me a fairly proud mother. I’d love to get some feedback, questions or suggested topics if you have any ideas!

Long walks on the beach with new friends. I had a wonderful Sunday morning chatting and walking in the sunshine with a friend of mine, topped off with juice and scones at a local cafe. It’s so nice when you just click with someone!

Brand new makeup goodies that feel like presents. My lovely friend Holly gave me the fantastic NARS bronze/blush duo today that I sent her money for weeks ago when she was in the US. Despite the fact that I paid for them myself ages ago, getting them today felt like they were special gifts. : )

Flowers from T and gorgeous notes from our local Thai restaurant for our 22 month anniversary. Yeah yeah, celebrating month anniversaries is silly (but we like it so shhh). As a treat we ordered Thai takeaway from our favourite place (Bamboo and Lily in Elwood, Melbourne) and inside was this cute little note that the owner had written us. Thanks Lisa, it’s so cute!

Other:   new haircuts, girly lunch dates, cheeky glasses of vino, my brand spanking new carry on bag, that it’s less than 2 weeks until we fly away to foreign lands, good performance reviews, delicious steak sandwiches, laughing with colleagues, eighties themed parties and exciting deliveries.


Thanks to everyone who sent through what they’ve adored this week!

Airdrie:   Been loving have my family visit me from out of town. I’ve had three different lots so far. One more to arrive next week  : ) We’ve been going out 2 lots of restaurants, loads of shopping, taking day trips in the car.

Amy:   my upcoming trip to Europe, seeing the Royal NZ Ballet Company perform Romeo & Juliet, massages & facials, spending time with my mum, zumba classes and my beautiful friends who are there for me when I need them <3  Oh, one more thing: my morning walks to work listening to my ipod – sorry, huge list this week, loving so much right now  : )

Caitlin:   Days off, waking up happy, choc-caramel-peanut-amazingness icecream.. It was incredible.

Catherine:   New restaurants, MOR Belladonna Soapette, my family, cuddles and that it is only 3 short weeks til I’m on a plane overseas!

Fiona:   Change, fresh starts and new adventures. Xoxo

Holly:   Getting dressed up, my bf got a job interview, fun days in Melbourne, exciting conversations and delish food!

Jackson:   I’ve been loving painkillers. They are amaze.

Jade:   Seeing Inception, reading books and working on my new blog  : )

Penny:   I love the yummiest sushi ever at Oragami in Sth Melbourne – have been going there for 20 years and still love it! Oh, any anything black and white – except Collingwood!

Sandi:   Doing what I love and getting paid for it, being recognised and used for the potential I have and meeting new people.

Sandrine:   Sneaking behind my parents, my brothers & I, to plan their silver wedding anniversary ! No big party, just a little intimate family thing but still, how exciting !  ; )

Sarah:   That it snowed all week and I am going skiing tomorrow! My niece and sharing magazines (and lip balm!)

Tom:   Magazine comps. I won the brand new A-Diction album & mixtape just for answering who produced a particular track.

What is currently rocking your world?


  1. hollyjcurtis said,

    Congrats on the one year!! Oh, and month anniversaries aren’t silly… Me and my bf used to do them all the time… I should reinstate that tradition :) x

  2. Julie said,

    Twice this week I have gone upstairs to make my standard instant oatmeal and yogurt breakfast and found that my boyfriend and his mom had prepared an awesome breakfast. One that consisted of ham and cheese omelets, home made hash browns, sausage, and bacon. It was awesome. There was also my artist block unblocking a bit and I have been going for a lot of walks so that makes me proud and happy!

  3. Stella said,

    Whats rocking my world ?
    Blog views – they’ve sky rocketed this week ( yes I’m kind of lame :P )
    Making my way through all the September Issues and weather that feels like Spring is already here :)

    And Happy 22nd Month Anniversary :)

  4. Vanessa said,

    My boyfriend and I always celebrate “monthiversaries” so don’t feel bad. It’s good to always feel like there’s something worth celebrating.

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