Just do it.

August 19, 2010 at 10:48 am (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)

I am a world class procrastinator and have been practising this skill relentlessly for years. I excel particularly when I have to do something challenging or slightly embarrassing.

For example:

  • Asking for a pay rise
  • Sharing new ideas
  • Admitting I need help with something
  • Promoting myself/networking

It feels safer the further away it is. I don’t think it’s the action I’m pushing away, but the fear of failure. What if my employer says no to a pay increase? What if everyone thinks my idea is stupid?

I need to stop. We all need to stop.

What if you were offered the best job opportunity you could imagine at this stage of your career? What if your idea is exactly what someone has been looking for?

Yesterday I asked my manager if I could expand and develop more in my current role and got a big fat yes – the one thing I wasn’t expecting. So JUST DO IT.


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  1. Rellacafa said,

    There’s nothing more empowering than discovering where your own fears have been holding you back and even more importantly, realising you can let them go and keep moving forward. I’m all for the JUST DO IT approach, I figure if the worst result that can happen isn’t actual death, I can probably deal with whatever the outcomes of my actions are and plus there is that added bonus of losing that nagging feeling of “but I should have done this”…Woot for busting through procrastination!

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