Things I Love Thursday

August 19, 2010 at 5:23 pm (Things I Love)

Good Thursday afternoon fabulous readers!
Hope you’re ready with your long lists of loves for the week.

This will be the last TiLT post that I will be doing from Melbourne for over a month – how exciting! TiLT from around the world is bound to be full of the weird and the wonderful. : )

Meeting new inspiring ladies. I had a great cabaret show/dinner evening with some fantastic girls on Sunday. They are full of ideas and enthusiasm – both of which I got swept up in! Awesome.

Pancakes for breakfast. A gourmet mini stack with fresh strawberries and syrup – is there anything more delicious and decadent for a Tuesday morning?

Gearing up for my Maintenance Cycle Challenge. Tonight I am having a professional facial, tomorrow I am having my very first pedicure and my hair coloured and Monday is the (feared) spray tan. Hopefully I will leave (and return) a bronzed, buffed and refreshed woman!

Getting crafty. On Friday night T and I attended a 21st birthday party with a masquerade theme. An hour before we started making our masks out of cheap kids masks, glitter and feathers. I was ever so slightly proud of the end result to be honest. I did, however, have glitter all over myself and our living room!

Getting closer to knowing what I want to do career-wise. I’d narrowed it down to working in the Learning and Development field and now I am thinking of veering off slightly into Coaching – particularly for people in their twenties and early 30s. Looking into qualifications at the moment. Watch this space.

Other:   Having a great netball game (and the war wound to prove it),  Chai Lattes, “in” jokes, 6 sleeps until we are Europe-bound, researching courses I’d like to do, fruit toast that has figs and apricots in it (yum!), topknots, pay rises, ticking off my To Do list items, laughing until my stomach hurts and the feeling when you get your makeup perfect.

 What have you loved this week?

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  1. Tom said,

    I love that now there’s only 5 sleeps til Europe!!!

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