Maintenance Cycle prep

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Well, I am all prepped, bronzed, painted and cut for my holiday away. I am determined to give this (high) Maintenance Cycle thing a good go while overseas (blog experiments are fun, right?)!

I’ve had my hair cut and coloured, eyebrows shaped, a pedicure, a facial and a spray tan. For my lovely Australian readers I thought I’d review a few of the places and products I used during my preparation over the last couple of weeks.


Where: Aqua Skincare Retreat, Fitzroy

I found out about this spa through a special offer voucher which entitled me to a one hour customised facial for only $29. Bargain – get me in the door!

I arrived a little late (peak hour Melbourne traffic to blame) but Paula was very understanding and ushered me through to the treatment room. It had beautiful, ambient music playing and a relaxing vibe which immediately put me at ease.

Paula really knew her stuff about facial treatments, skincare, skin conditions and products. She talked me through every aspect of the treatment (without trying to sell me anything). I left feeling plump and invigorated.



Where: French Pink, Melbourne CBD
Butter London

I walked in a pedicure virgin and walked out a convert. I hate feet, particularly mine, so I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t enjoy a pedicure. Boy, was I wrong!

The French Pink salon is tiny but comfortable and I churned through numerous (up to date) magazines while my therapist buffed, trimmed, soaked and polished my feet. I chose the Butter London polish ‘Snog’ as it is a bright “I’m going on a holiday to somewhere sunny and fabulous” pink colour.

Once I was all done and lathered up with moisturiser, I was given disposable thongs (jandals for those Kiwis out there) so as not to mess up my new nails. Friendly service and a great treatment makes this salon a must do in my books. (Note: the iPhone picture doesn’t do the colour justice).



Where:   Orchid Day Spa, Melbourne CBD
Naked Tan

Let me just say thank spray tans scare me half to death. I’ve only ever had one and that was for a stage musical. What if I turn out like an Oompa Loompa? What if I’m all patchy? The staff at Orchid didn’t make me feel any less concerned either. There was no small talk and no comforting words of spray tan wisdom. It’s a fairly daunting process too – stripping off in front of a stranger and posing in various ways while they hose you down with a reverse vacuum cleaner-type device.

Lucky for me, the colour turned out pretty great (despite having to stand outside in the freezing cold wearing a loose fitting mini dress, no bra and my disposable shoes from my pedicure, right in the centre of the city). I’d had the brand recommended via the fantastic beauty experts at PRIMPED. Naked Tan didn’t turn me too dark and definitely stayed away from that orange shade I’d been dreading.


What beauty experiences have you tried recently?
Any recommendations?



  1. x Corrine/Frock & Roll x said,

    Great reviews, Kimberley! Gosh, it’s been AGES since I’ve had some good primping. I really, really need to before I go away! How long before your holiday now, lovely? :)

    • Kimberley said,

      Hi Corrine, I’m already over in London (arrived last night). Crazy that I’m halfway across the world!
      You must get some serious primping before you go away too – sets you up for feeling awful on the long haul flight. Haha. No seriously you should and I’d love to hear what Sydney salons have to offer. How long until you’re away? November? x

  2. stellapreston said,

    I have a large phobia of spray tans too !
    Then again, I’ve had more than I can count and some of them were VERY bad.
    Good tip though : If you do come out patchy or orange mix some lemon juice, bi carb soda and a splash of water to make a paste, then use it with some exfoliating gloves.

    • Kimberley said,

      GREAT tip, thank you Stella. Luckily I was okay but I know that it can go horribly horribly wrong! x

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