Things I Love Thursday

September 9, 2010 at 5:50 pm (Things I Love)

Happy Thursday from Pisa everyone! I hope you have had an amazing week whichever country you are currently living in or exploring.

I have travelled from France over to Italy with a little difficulty as there was a strike on the other day which had cancelled trains left, right and centre. It was a challenging adventure but we managed to arrive and decided that we deserved gelati after all that stress.  : )

Anyway, onto the loves of the week… please add your own in the comments.  x

Nice. I absolutely adored the French city of Nice (despite the beach being rocks and not sand). It was vibrant and lively while still having a very relaxed atmosphere and beauty. There was so much to see and do but we only had two days to explore. My favourite place so far I think. 

Red wine. French and Italian red wines are amazing.

Fruit for breakfast. When you’ve been eating bread and pastries for almost 2 weeks straight, seeing fresh fruit as a brekky option is heaven. Yep, never thought I’d say that!

Getting clothing professionally washed. After washing items in the hand basin with our laundry detergent I cannot wait to have seriously clean clothes tomorrow morning. I don’t regret travelling carry on though because we have met many people struggling with heavy bags and excessive luggage which has reminded us how good the idea really was.

Other:   gelati, texts from my parents, great photos, writing blog posts on scraps of paper on the train, organic socks, MTV Italia, hatching new plans for when I return home and free breakfasts.

Cyberspace Contributions (thank you)!

Caitlin:   Things little kids say; working in industries you really love & how simple everything is under the influence of sleep debt.

Deborah:    I have been loving the Melbourne sunshine!

Fiona:   Everything! But missing you, hope you’re having an amazing time!

Hannah:   Mini cupcakes, spontaneous nights out, and creating a new life in Melbourne!

Holly:   Meeting new people, gorgeous new sunny days, great opportunities, finally getting the hair colour you want!

Melena:   Loving that it’s spring and that the air smells different and that the sun is shining. Oh and planning for spring racing.

Miss Stella:   Spring weather, summer dresses and painted toe nails. And sushi !



  1. emily said,

    small wins and milestones… and celebrating them with bubbles!

  2. Marthe said,

    I’m so impressed that you keep up blogging so well while you’re travelling! I hope you have a great time in Italy!

    Here is my list (one day overdue):

    – moving to London three days from now
    – getting sweet comments on my blog posts
    – Being proud of my sister who got a great grade on her first universty exam
    – My sister is visiting tomorrow
    – I’m working my last shift ever at the job I don’t like tomorrow. Then I’m free!

  3. stellapreston said,

    Definitely agree about the fruit for breakfast !

    Expecially since moving to qld. The fruit always seems to be so yummy here :)

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