Things I Love Thursday

October 7, 2010 at 5:23 pm (Things I Love)

Time for us to spill the positive vibes on what we’ve enjoyed this week. I’ve been thinking that I might make TILT a monthly affair – the first Thursday of every month.
What are your thoughts? Do you prefer having this little ray of sunshine weekly or a whopper hit monthly?

Let the loving begin…

There’s no place like home. I love being home in Melbourne and we had some beautiful weather over the weekend. I soaked it up with…

Minimal jet lag. Bonus!

Finding an apartment within 48 hours. Now I am not usually a lucky person, but I have to admit that this was the universe lining up and telling me that this whole ‘quit the corporate world to be a musician’ thing must be the right decision. Our new apartment is only a few streets away with lovely landlords, an extra bedroom and more modern kitchen and bathroom. T is most excited about the dishwasher (such a domestic god)!

Touching comments. I have had some really lovely comments from readers and friends on this blog and through email and Facebook. Such a great feeling. Thank you if you’re one of them.

Delightful catch up dinners with friends. I especially love these when they include red wine, woodfire pizza and lots of laughter.

Writing again. I attended the Melbourne Up and Comers fashion show last night for StyleMelbourne. Will be summing up the collections over the next 24 hours. So nice to get back into it so quickly.

Other:   friends who lend me their magazines, Melbourne coffee, new funky jewellery, hearing that the letter I sent made someone’s week, little compliments from relative strangers, letter writing, being productive and putting little ticks on my to do list, buying local produce at the markets, exercising again (sad but true) and surprising my workmates with my European morning tea.

Love Contributions

Deborah:   Hot drinks on a cold day!

Hannah:   Fabulous functions, gorgeous gals, warm weekends and no more football! (for a while!)

Holly:   Meeting people with similar passions, brilliant sunshine and gasp- warm- days! Helping people, black forest choccy!

Kelly:   Eat, Pray, Love – LOVED IT!!! Have read the book & loved the movie often very rare for me! Loved Julia!

Shitika:   Going to cocktail bars to do “research” for a story and the unlimited deadlines (optimism, yep!)

Steph:   Getting back in touch with old friends, homemade caramel shortcake, big storms, exciting new projects, Kate Morton’s books.

 What have you loved this week?

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