Mid Week Inspiration

October 20, 2010 at 11:30 pm (Inspiration Station)

I know, I know, I have left you all alone for nearly a week – I do apologise and I don’t really have a valid excuse. Yes, I’ve been busy moving apartments and trying to be productive on numerous fronts, but whose life isn’t a chaotic mess?

Money is tight due to the move and a number of expenses related to my step into a creative career and my 25 Things Before 25 list that I am frantically trying to complete (update on that to come tomorrow).

Usually when I’m feeling broke and exhausted, I start to crumble and want to crawl away into a small hole and stay there for a week or more. Not this time! I’ve found inspiration in a few (unlikely) places which has propelled me back into being productive and (for the most part) upbeat.


Kelly Smith’s fashion illustration blows me away. I have decided to take fashion illustration classes next year and I can only dream of ever creating something as beautiful as Kelly’s work. Check out her Etsy store here – I plan on adding a couple of prints to my Christmas list!


My singing teacher is an angel, she is being so lovely and patient with me while I ask a million questions to get myself sorted to teach full-time next year. She has given me tonnes of study material, teachers to research and singers to listen to (including some Christina Aguilera, Sia and Marina and the Diamonds). I’ve started to sort out headshots, my performance resume, finding a keyboard and website options.


 The 12WBT program is getting a lot of attention in the Twitterverse and Blogosphere – people shedding weight with incredible results.

Apparently Mish Bridges (personal trainer of The Biggest Loser fame) has a saying JFDI (Just Fucking Do It). I like that – no nonsense, get on with it. 

So I’ve signed my life away agreeing to do it in 2011. It sounds pretty damn hard but what’s the new year without a challenge huh?

This picture of Blake Lively wearing Lanvin appeared in my Google Reader courtesy of House of Turtle. If this doesn’t make you want to hit the treadmill, I don’t know what will.


This weekend will be the 3rd weekend that I’ll be shopping for fruit and vegetables at the South Melbourne markets. It’s cheaper, it’s local and mostly organic – and it forces us to cook healthy meals with loads of different vegies. Win on all counts.


I stumbled across Mrs Press thanks to Daydream Lily and was immediately in love with her designs. I have been looking for a tulle skirt for months and months and voila, there it is.

Vintage inspired silk lingerie, structured dresses and cute shorts – I’d love to get myself to a stockist as soon as the cash comes flowing in.

What has been inspiring you this week lovely readers?

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