25 Things – progress update

October 21, 2010 at 2:53 pm (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)

So, it is exactly 2 months until my 25th birthday and I am starting to worry about my 25 Things I Must Do Before 25 list of goals. It is getting down to the wire, but how much have I achieved in 10 months?

1.   Get myself out of all debt
Not far to go now…

2.   Save at least $5000 towards an apartment
Not going to happen.

3.   Ride in a hot air balloon

4.   Have an article published in a print magazine
Well, I had a conversation with a magazine editor last week which may mean this will happen in early 2011.

5.   Own a DSLR camera and complete a course on how to use it

6.   Travel to Europe with Tom and take said camera

7.   Do some form of dance class every month
Must get to 4 more to make up for the lack of dancing in the past few months (that counts right, 12 a year?).

8.   Grow my nails
Oddly enough, my right hand has lovely long nails but my left hand is bitten to smithereens. How does this happen?

9.   Learn how to cook a (decent) roast
The first attempt is planned for this Sunday.

10.   Earn at least $10,000 from creative work (singing, acting, writing)
Not going to happen, but will next year!

11.   Keep a plant alive for more than 6 months
Our Yukka plant is still going strong!

12.   Send at least 100 personal letters/cards by post to friends and family
I am at 23. *sigh* It is difficult when people don’t reply back to you.

13.   Find an amazing hairdresser

14.   Book a flight home to Wellington
This is a purchase that requires about $800 – hopefully in the next few weeks I can manage this.

15.   Write at least 10 new songs
I wrote 2 while I was away on holiday but now that I finally got my guitar fixed, this will be easier.

16.   Take a day off work to do some form of volunteer work
I have booked this for early November, I will be planting trees for those interested.

17.   Explore a new Melbourne bar and restaurant every month

18.   Have a wardrobe that I adore  (rid of clothes/shoes I never wear or don’t fit or need repairing)
I think this will always be a work in progress but I am definitely getting rid of some on eBay this weekend.

19.   Look after myself – go to the dentist, the optometrist and the osteopath.
2 out of 3 so far!

20.   See a psychic (just for the hell of it)
Waiting for a friend to become available to come with me – fingers crossed for November.

21.   Create a list of 25 books I’d like to read and read them
I just ordered 3 books from Amazon that should arrive shortly, but I am doubtful that I can squeeze 20 books into 2 months.

22.   Buy a cheap keyboard and re-learn how to play it
Currently watching eBay and in discussions with my aunty about the keyboard.

23.   Get my first manicure
See 8.

24.   Take a circus class or private tuition at NICA
Again, this comes down to money but fingers crossed for November (might have to pick up a few extra fairy party shifts to cover the cost).

25.   Create something I am really proud of
I’m not sure if this counts but I am really proud of my plan to quit my desk job in the hope of starting a creative music career. Well, I’m saying it counts.  : )

So I still have the potential to achieve 23 out of 25 which is pretty huge. Wish me luck as I cram a whole lot into 61 days!

Have you set any goals for the year?
Are you finding it hard to achieve them all?

What’s your biggest obstacle (mine is $$)?

1 Comment

  1. Whereismyrobot said,

    You have inspired me! I am a bit older but I am going to write down 25 things too.

    About the nails; mine have been so much stronger since taking prenatal vitamins. They aren’t just for pregnancy.

    Good luck on the rest!

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