A Week o’ Love

March 6, 2011 at 4:03 pm (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)

This is going to be a bit of an epic post but will hopefully combine all the things you come to Dream. Delight. Inspire. for: inspiration, pictures, style, great links and a bit of an update on what I’m currently up to.

I am thinking that I my try to do a weekly wrap up every Sunday, but would love feedback on the format. : )


These. The BEST brownies in Melbourne. I know it’s a big call but Bees Knees Brownie Company does make the most delicious brownies ever, and they sent me this giftbox as a little thank you for my birthday party order. <3

I’ve lost 1.3 kilos in the last 2 weeks (no thanks to the temptation of said brownies).

Lovely emails. I got the sweetest email from a student the other day telling me how she looks forward to every Thursday because she has so much fun at her lesson.

My mum. My family lives in New Zealand, so when I have a visit from them it’s pretty special. Mum was here for about a week and spent a bit of time with me. Also bought me these —>

Little extras: Killing it at boxing, pretty coffee patterns, Black Swan (frightening but brilliantly done), cheap face masks (preferably while watching Pretty Little Liars or Glee – guilty pleasure I know!), the countdown to my whirlwind NZ trip (3 weeks exactly) and new clients.


I am a keen breakfaster and have thoroughly enjoyed the food and service at Dead Man Espresso in South Melbourne. Had pineapple and vanilla scones this morning. Yum.

My regular haunt Miss Jackson in St Kilda also deserves a huge shout out. Hilarious staff, wonderful coffee and inventive delicious meals. I go there for coffee every Wednesday morning for my caffeine hit before French class.

For shopping, my pick of the week would have to be Cecylia in Armadale. A gorgeous boutique with an even more gorgeous owner who will make you feel special and at home amongst her stunning mix of designers. The link takes you directly to her online shop for some drooling!


It has been a while since I shared my favourite snippets from the web (and I apologise profusely). Luckily, I have a bundle of fab ones below for your reading pleasure:

I love it when Sandi (editor of Onya Magazine) rants. Here is another wonderful piece by her: Everything’s F**cked. Here’s Some Reasons Why.

Pretty much every post on Yaz’s The Happiness Cocktail. This blog appeals to the yoga nut/hippy side of me with recipes, posts about tea, musings about life and creating a happier, calmer you.

The fabulous Gaynor of The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide wrote a letter from her future self here. What a great idea!

Jess of What Would Karl Do? is one stylish fashion blogger. Check out this post for proof: Lady in Lace.

Love Julianne Moore in Talbots Spring 2011 collection, featured here on Fashionising. I’m going to miss the sixties styling when it is replaced by the next big thing..


Oliver & Co ballet flats. Flats have a bad reputation as being the boring version of the high heel, but look at these babies – gorgeous! They come in beautiful colours and patterns and they’re Melbourne made.

I’ve been rocking the messy top knot a lot now that I often don’t need to be seen by the chic and corporate public. It’s so easy and great for Melbourne’s windy days. Here‘s a little run down on how to perfect a sleek version over at PRIMPED.

Week of Love from the Twitterverse (thanks for the participation)!

CAE Melbourne: Our #weekolove includes signs of autumn, baked goodies, afternoon tea, lovely conversations and LOTS of new exciting course coming up. (As a side note, check out the CAE’s fabulous list of short courses. This is where I did my photography course last year).

Emma: My #weekolove includes being back at uni, smiles from strangers, a night off to enjoy with my man, bagels and loving my work!

Fi: That my job constantly challenges me and that my boyfriend and I can steal hours out of our crazy schedules to be together, my family, living in this beautiful city, enjoying the beach while I still can, rose tea, lunchtime park meditation.

Lexi: Debt consolidation, nespresso, 2kgs down, rubi polish & a quiet night in with bratchild.

Melinda: Early nights, homemade nachos, new heels, a D on my essay and finally some rain today!

What fabulous things have happened in your week?


  1. Melinda said,

    I already joined in with my ‘week of love’ tweet but I wanted to add how adorable those flats are! I’m not much of a flat wearer, but they are just divine.

    • Kimberley said,

      Aren’t they beautiful – definitely not your run of the mill flats! :)

  2. emmabovary said,

    Ooh I am that Emma whose week o’ love included bagels=) Wicked!

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