A Week o’ Love

May 13, 2011 at 1:02 pm (Cyberspace Gems, Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)

Hello again Friday – you have certainly been missed!

Here’s what have been the highlights of the past couple of weeks, served piping hot and easy to digest. Hope you have an amazing weekend planned either with your loved ones or rocking out on your own.


Girly weekend get togethers. My gorgeous friend Sarah organised a beauty workshop and afternoon tea last weekend. It was so nice to chill out, play with mineral make up and chat instead of working for once.

Community. I recently discovered this TV show (yes I am slow at hopping on the bandwagon) but had it recommended by several friends. Love it. Especially in bed when it is freezing outside (read: every day this week).

Finding motivation even in bad situations. I seem to be getting better at this. Realising that even though it is a less than perfect situation to be in, it can always lead to something positive. Getting charged interest on my credit card for the first time in years – motivation to finally list all my excess possessions on eBay.

Little extras: losing 8.5 kilograms and getting new jeans 2 sizes smaller (!), getting my yoga on, staying in bed all morning, getting the apartment organised, baking my Nanna’s famous apple crumble, gloves, my “find the best porridge in my area” mission and hot green tea.


Burch & Purchese. Because T and I have been eating so well and exercising like little gym bunnies, we have allowed ourselves a couple of extra special treats recently. When I walked into Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio my eyes bulged and my mouth watered. They have the most amazing little decadent creations – check them out on the right! Each dessert has a number of interesting layers that combine to create a party in your mouth sensation. Believe me.

LuxBite. I love macarons – who doesn’t? I also love cakes. LuxBite is a beautiful little cafe which specialises in sweet treats. Look at the stunning afternoon tea we had a few weeks ago (left). They also have amazing tea which goes brilliantly with a macaron or three.


The Happiness Cocktail (post: Follow Your Dreams Not The Dollar Signs) and Yes and Yes (post: How to become a Grown Up Part 1) have touched on the common Career Crisis – something I have thought a lot about and had even started a post on (they beat me to it). :)

Gala Darling has put together her Adventurous Summer To Do List.

Whereas Marthe from The Freedom Experiment tells you to Replace your To-do List (with crazy and liberating things instead).

The lovely Tresna booked a flight to Paris but didn’t take it. Her letter Dear Flight D7 2014 explains why.

Beautiful truths from Sandi at In The Thick Of It. Read it twice.

Sarah Wilson inspired me with her column How to have a better Morning Routine. I’ve been experimenting with my routine ever since. Blog post to come.


WALL ART. Our music room is in dire need of this Sound of Music lyrics framed poster. How cute is it? I’ve always loved the Sound of Music AND the Queen herself Julie Andrews. Poster by Kru Books on Etsy.

KEVIN.MURPHY. I was lucky enough to try  couple of samples of KEVIN.MURPHY hair products a couple of months ago and now that we’re into winter and my hair is crying out for some moisture treatment, I can’t wait to grab the BORN.AGAIN treatment —>.

Lululemon Athletica. Embarrassingly, when I was cleaning out my wardrobe this morning I realised that I may be close to having more workout gear than normal everyday clothing. This situation would be much worse if I had given in to all the temptation over at Lululemon.

Just look at how amazingly soft this cashmere Mudra Wrap looks? My freezing hands could do with those mitten sleeves!!

(Sorry for the grey theme in Style and Beauty, the winter weather must be influencing me!)

What have you been loving recently?



  1. Lisa said,

    Hi Kimberley,

    My partner and I just discovered Community a couple a weeks ago – its great isn’t it! I also wrote about it just the other day -http://goo.gl/6a3ka

    Thanks for sharing the Sound of Music wall art – I know what my mum is getting for her next birthday! Have you ever been to a Sound of music singalong? http://goo.gl/gS4J8 Mum and a group of us have been the last 2 years in sydney – its heaps of fun.

    Have a fab weekend,

    • Kimberley said,

      Hi Lisa,
      Great minds huh? :)
      I have been to a Sound of Music singalong and even made my own “curtain” dress and braided my hair as a Von Trapp. Haha! So much fun.
      Hope your week is off to a wonderful start. x

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