A Week o’ Love

June 5, 2011 at 7:35 pm (Cyberspace Gems, Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)

It seems that yet another weekend has crept up on us! The Week o’ Love posts capture things that I have loved doing, seeing, reading and lusting after in the last little while. I hope they make you smile and think about what has made your week special. Let me know, comment below!


Reading. Oh my God how I have missed reading. I didn’t realise it until I became totally engrossed in a book this week (for the online book club I have joined). As a child I used to spend whole weekends in bed reading, devouring the pages but now I don’t seem to indulge in that pleasure anymore. Adding it to my to do list every week.  Très awesome.
The book was Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson for those interested.

Being my own finance fairy. While I can’t say I’m in love with reviewing budgets and doing my taxes, I can say that I love knowing what I have to do to be in control of my finances. It is a little sad knowing that I won’t be able to splurge on a new wardrobe any time soon, but paying off my credit card, the tax man and saving for our Bali trip will have to do!

Little extras: A 17 degree day in winter (practically unheard of in Melbourne), killing it at a tough workout, vintage musicals (especially ones that contain amazing tap dancing scenes), lovely students that are making progress, learning fashion illustration from scratch (wish me luck), sorting out the best birthday present ever for my boyfriend, clearing writer’s block, beach walks and delicious muesli.


Chez Dré. I hadn’t been able to find the perfect macaron since Ladurée in Paris until now. Chez Dré is a gorgeous little patisserie/boulangerie in South Melbourne which does fantastic food and a good cuppa (always important).


Sarah Wilson tells us the scary truth behind our cosmetics.

Alexandra from The Art of Afternoon Tea shares a great Cinnamon Doughnut recipe (check out her cute food illustrations while you’re there).

Look at these gorgeous bow ties that Tania over at Fashionising found. French of course.

Sarah from Yes and Yes fame has a great guest post called Hobby to Job: Business Advice for Non-Business Types. Creatives, check this out.

Zen Habits explains The Really Simple Way to Get Work Done.

And introducing a cute little blog called loving at the moment …, penned by Jessica. Very sweet.


♥  I still do not own a proper handbag (I know, what kind of a woman am I?), but one that has seriously tickled my fancy is Mimco’s Orbit Day Bag. It’s on sale if anyone would like to purchase said bag as an I love you gift. *wink*

♥  How gorgeous are these coasters by Anna Pernilla?

♥  I am convinced that I am in dire need of a fuschia lipstick and Funny Face by NARS may be just the one.

What have you been loving recently?


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