Things I Learned This Month: June

June 30, 2011 at 5:31 pm (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)

    1. Creating a gorgeous smokey eye doesn’t have to be incredibly difficult (Zoe Foster shows you here).
    2. You can get a cut on your face without having even felt it (how weird is that – very similar to foreign bruises).
    3. I can not be trusted with a fresh batch of Anzac cookies.
    4. Your oldest friends can hurt you the most.
    5. Downgrading three jobs to two feels awesome.
    6. Arrange as many get togethers with your close friends as you can. They are so much fun.
    7. Sometimes you need to reward yourself for things you have achieved and throw away the associated guilt.
    8. Losing yourself in little bookstores is a great way to spend an afternoon.
    9. Remember how awful being sick feels when you are well so you can appreciate it.
    10. Sometimes you need to reward yourself for your achievements and throw away any associated guilt.

Oh and these snow leopard cubs have a cute factor of about 6 million.

What did you discover this month?



  1. chelseavose said,

    I learned that If someone doesn’t want to marry you after over a year of dating its time to move on. haha and of course more positive things but that was the most important:-) great post

    • Kimberley said,

      Wow, that is a huge realisation Chelsea. I hope that you are moving on and up and know that you are worth your weight in gold to the right person!! Wishing you all the best. x

      • chelseavose said,

        Thanks:) It’s good to know other people in the world understand!

  2. KellyAustin said,

    1. Lemon juice & warm water in the morning makes you feel awake – way more than a coffee could ever do.
    2. Work does not define you. You are not your job. You have so much more to offer in a conversation than “So, what do you do?”
    3. Sometimes to bring someone closer you have to let them go.
    4. Being sick sucks.
    5. Yoga really is the foundation to a good life.
    6. Not drinking alcohol (for a whole month) makes you feel amazing.
    7. Sunshine even when it’s cold can make your day.
    8. That I am lucky to have friends in my life who inspire me & help me grow & make me laugh so hard my tummy hurts & I cry.

    • Kimberley said,

      Love your list Kelly, thanks so much for sharing. Good on you for detoxing! I tend not to drink more than 2 glasses of wine a week and noticed a difference just cutting down that much, but you are a wonder woman! Glad it’s made you feel amazing. Wish we had a little more sunshine to keep the both of us perky all week long. xx

  3. Hannah O'Brien said,

    My most important lesson – no matter how busy your life gets, you should always make time for your fabulous friends. And French toast. :)

    • Kimberley said,

      Hannah you are so right. There is always time for wonderful friends and French toast. :D xx

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