That “Blah” Feeling

July 13, 2011 at 1:23 pm (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)

Yesterday I had one of those days. I just felt… off. I didn’t have my usual dose of positivity or much energy for that matter. How did I manage to wake up in such a funk?

When you find yourself in one of these “blah” moods, it’s so easy to crawl back into bed, watch back to back episodes of your favourite show and hide from the world until it passes. But who wants to waste an entire day in a ‘zombie-with-a-hangover’ state? Not me.

So I did the following:

  • Went for a walk in the fresh air
  • Ordered a coffee (and smiled at a small child)
  • Read a book (about happiness in fact)

And yes, I felt mildly better (my status had perhaps upgraded to a dehydrated zombie). Then I remembered the last thing I had done to get a sudden rush of glee. I had cleaned out our junk cupboard.

Wow Kim, you’re thinking, how exciting. I know, it’s not the most thrilling way to get out of a funk, but it works. Achieve something. Preferably something you’ve been putting off doing for a while. I find that physical clutter can bog me down just as much as mental clutter, so clearing it away has the same effect.

So I cleaned my desk, throwing away anything I didn’t need. I took photos of garments to put on eBay to further clean out my closet. I deleted a dozen draft emails that were sitting there with reminder links and articles that I could easily have saved onto my desktop or adding to my bookmarks but had been too lazy to. I sorted out my tax receipts and did a load of washing.

And I felt better. I had achieved something in my day and not given in to that “blah” feeling (nor had I eaten a pizza while watching Pretty Little Liars which is what my inner zombie had been craving).

How do you turn a “blah” day around?



  1. Marthe said,

    Great tips! I also feel better when I achieve something and dive into a task that requires my focus for a while.

    I also think it works to get out of the house and go to my favorite cafe. I always bring something interesting and inspirational to read, like blog posts or a program like Danielle laporte’s spak kit (formerly the firestarter sessions).

  2. Hayley Cafarella said,

    Wow…that is exactly how I am feeling this morning and this was the first post in my RSS feed! Thank you. I think I’ll try and throw some stuff out :)

    • Kimberley said,

      Perfect timing huh? So glad the post helped and I hope that clearing some of your clutter at home made a difference to your blah day. xx

  3. missgiggly said,

    Wow.. another post that I need to save for a blah day :) Thankyou..

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