Motivate Me!

July 22, 2011 at 7:49 am (Health)

I have grown to love exercise. In the ‘drag me kicking and screaming to the gym but after the workout I feel fabulous’ kind of way. We all wish that there was some quick fix for having to get sweaty and exhausted, but unfortunately it is still proven time and time again to be one of the best ways to keep fit, healthy and happy.

Okay, so we know we have to do it, but is there a way to motivate ourselves to peel off the couch or roll out of bed at some ungodly hour to slave away at the gym? Here are some of the tricks I use:

  • Write it into your schedule. You must make time for it and make it at a time that suits you. If you are not a morning person then why schedule it for 5am when you know that 8 times out of 10 you won’t make it past the snooze button? Factor it into your schedule and make it convenient.
  • Look incredible – kit yourself out. Buy yourself a new workout outfit, one that is bright and flattering. Looking great helps us feel more confident which in turn helps us push ourselves more in our workouts.
  • Try 10 minutes. If you’re feeling lethargic and unmotivated, simply force yourself to exercise for 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes. Come on, anyone can do some exercise for 10 minutes. Once you’ve started, you’ll usually find that you can get through an entire workout (but don’t beat yourself up if you have one of those days where the 10 minutes is all you can manage).
  • A little help from my friends. Enlist the help of a friend to help motivate you. You’re always more likely to do something when someone is holding you accountable. They don’t need to necessarily train with you, just check in with each other to make sure that the other person is on track.
  • Challenge yourself in your workouts. I am competitive and stubborn as a mule, so when I have decided I am going to do something I bloody well do it, dying or not. Tell yourself that you can finish if you just get through the next 100m, once you hit that see if you can go just another 10 seconds and so on. It really is a case of mind over matter sometimes. When you smash your own challenges, you walk away feeling pretty good about yourself with your head held high. In turn, you’re more likely to come back tomorrow to see what you can achieve then.

How do you force yourself to get through a workout session?

Do you workout at all or have other priorities?


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  1. DigialAngel said,

    I definitely write it into my schedule. I’m not really a spur-of-the-moment sort of person and even things I like doing can feel like a hassle if they come up after I think I’m done for the day. But if I wake up know I’m going to exercise at a certain time, I’m more mentally prepared and I just do it :)

    I also have been using this book called something like “the body-sculpting bible for women” and I’ve kind of been treating it like a bible. If it says to work out, I have to do it. Making myself feel like exercise is non-optional makes it require a lot less will power!

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