A Week o’ Love

July 24, 2011 at 6:53 pm (Cyberspace Gems, Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)

It’s Sunday again! I have had a fairly laid back weekend which has been great (they’re rare these days). Here’s the Week o’ Love post with a few things that I have loved doing, seeing, reading and lusting after in the last little while. Let me know what you’ve been loving – comment below!


Credit card elimination. The day finally came on Thursday. It was at ZERO! A more joyous day than my birthday and Christmas combined.

Hitting the 10kg milestone. I can’t believe I used to carry that much extra weight. Feels absolutely amazing.

Finding THE perfect Parisian apartment. See Places.

Little extras: Making hundreds of lists and ticking things off, helping friends and posting them “just because” gifts, reading in the sun, dancing to the Beatles, dry shampoo, Max Brenner hot chocolates, romantic dinners, cabaret festival shows, fudge (need I say more) and new clients.


This Parisian Apartment. I was barely able to sleep after I found this apartment in Paris’ St Germain. T asked me not to get my hopes up, it might not be available (despite me enquiring 11 months in advance). But it is! We are planning our “last hurrah” trip (before we start knuckling down and saving like adults for apartments of our own and “rainy days”) for next year. We’ll be travelling around Northern Europe, returning to Paris for its music festival Fête de la Musique and Bastille Day, using the apartment as a home away from home over the 7 weeks. It’s described as an artist’s loft and I am officially in love.

CYBERSPACE GEMS (mostly about food)

What Katie Ate serves up some amazing birthday recipes. I am drooling over the Chocolate Truffle Tarts.

Jess from The Belle Lumiere reviews one of her Holy Grail beauty products, Ultraceuticals Even Skintone Serum.

Over at The Happiness Cocktail (one of my fave blogs ever), Yaz has given us the recipe for a seriously tasty chia seed parfait.

10 Ways To Find That Grown Up Feeling is a guest post by Ashe over at Yes and Yes.

Carly shares her chicken and lentil stew secrets at Smaggle.

On The Freedom Experiment, Marthe is talking about over-estimating your obstacles and under-estimating you.

Merowyn adds a delish berry smoothie to Blithely Unaware (and love her crazy drawings).

Life is about creating yourself – Sandi reminds us over at In The Thick Of It.


An all Australian cast today in Style and Beauty. Clockwise from left:

♥  Autumn Leaves earrings by birdofplay (on madeit.com.au)

♥  A’kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil

♥  Love Bird print by Billy and Scarlet (on madeit.com.au)

♥  Miss Orchid dress by Sydney-based label Khamoda

What have you been loving recently?


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