Things I Learned This Month: July

August 2, 2011 at 8:36 am (Sweet Nothings/Ramblings)

One month older and a little wiser (I hope)…
    1. Allow yourself at least 4 hours to apply fake lashes. 40 minutes won’t cut it.
    2. If you want something, you need to grow some balls and ask for it.
    3. I am terrible at putting on a Russian accent.
    4. Do not sit near the front in an aisle seat of a burlesque show (unless you want to be playfully harassed all the way through).
    5. Helping someone achieve their goals is incredibly rewarding.
    6. Fudge is extremely easy to make and even easier to eat.
    7. There are always areas close to your suburb you have left unexplored. Explore them.
    8. It is hard to meet new friends in your twenties – friends do appreciate it when you throw little social events/dinners for them to meet other friends of yours.
    9. Spending time with your grandparents is important, not just for them but for you.
    10. One of the best feelings is chuckling in the sun with a good book, a coffee and a guilt-free sweet treat. Fact.

Oh and how cute is the idea of sending little fabric hearts with lovely messages around the place?

What did you discover this month?



  1. said,

    It takes FOUR HOURS to apply false lashes?! Holy heck! Who knew?! Thanks for sharing your discoveries with us, Kimberley… *I’ve* certainly discovered a thing or two now!

    • Kimberley said,

      Correction, it takes normal people a few minutes and uncoordinated people such as myself 4 hours. ;) Happy to share my lash gluing failures in the name of science! x

  2. Di Tan said,

    oh lovely Kimothy! why does it take you 4 hours to apply falsies, it’s as simple as flick & stick! Remind me to teach you so you can add it to things you have learnt in August :) xoxox

    • Kimberley said,

      Flick and stick sounds a lot more simple than it is. Definitely going to bok in a teaching session with you lovely! :) x

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