A Week o’ Love

July 1, 2011 at 6:23 pm (Cyberspace Gems, Things I Love)

Welcome to another Friday – here’s another cocktail of things, places, blog posts, style and beauty products that I’ve been lusting over or inspired by recently. TGIF!


Amazing Face. Zoe Foster’s latest foray into the writing world is this freakin’ incredible beauty book. I devoured it within a few hours of purchasing it and now have a list of ‘to buy’ products as long as my arm, but it has reinvigorated my love of skincare and cosmetics.

Fishtail braids. I have become obsessed with messy fishtail braids (see top right). Something a little different to the common plait.

Date nights. T and I have been getting out a bit more recently and enjoying the Melbourne nightlife: cabaret performances, the circus, fancy dinner dates and the movies. It’s worth spending a little money on quality time.  : )

Little extras: Bircher muesli, my tweet on happiness being published in the latest issue of Madison mag, using hurt for good (song writing in my case), getting back into my healthy eating groove, party planning, days with sunshine and a temperature over 15 degrees celsius, long Skype chats with my parents, researching our next European adventure and fun new students.


Cafe Gaia. This cafe is always packed when I arrive and I can see why. The coffee is good and this apple + rhubarb crumble is frickin’ incredible (sorry for the blurry iPhone pic).

San Churro Chocolateria. T and I went out to the circus and I decided we needed something sweet and warm. Enter San Churro Light Hot Choc. Mmmmm… Delicious (not so nutritious). The churros themselves are also fantastic.


Chantelle from fat mum slim teaches us how to make a cake in a jar. Two parts yum, one part awesome.

Over at The Happiness Cocktail, Yaz is enjoying switching off her laptop and switching on her ‘real’ life.

Life feeling out of control crazy? Check out Samantha’s post for Balance in Me on surviving the busyness epidemic.

Marthe discusses sharing your dreams on her fabulous blog The Freedom Experiment.

Jo Foster asks ‘Are you really you?’

This post on how to be happy is really interesting, care of MINDFOOD.


These patterned footless tights from Tightology would add some interest to an otherwise dull winter outfit

The Dreamer t-shirt is not only gorgeous and inspiring but is also made from organic cotton (bonus!) by lovely Brisbane Etsy seller milatree (bonus!)

I am still lusting over handbags, this time it’s the Splash Knot handbag by Melbourne designer Sarah Conners.

A bunch of goodies available from Mecca Cosmetica: Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum, NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage, Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector and Smashbox Photo Finish Colour Foundation Primer.

What have you been loving recently?


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Things I Love Thursday

November 4, 2010 at 4:59 pm (Things I Love)

Happy Thursday readers! Can you believe we are already 4 days into November? Anyway, here’s Things I Love Thursday – recapping the marvellous month of October:

New apartment. After only being back in the country for a couple of weeks, it was a rushed move. We still haven’t put everything in its rightful place and the walls are a little bare for my liking, but we’re getting there.

Creative pursuits coming together. It just shows that if you take the leap and it’s meant to be, it will be.

Getting back on stage. As much as I wanted to hyperventilate into a bag due to the stress and pressure of a tiny 5 day warning, I had an absolute blast performing at my first live gig in years. Apparently  blasting out ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ was the hit.

Laughing so hard your stomach hurts. Dinner with our old neighbours and their friends the other night turned into a workout. Don’t ask me what was so funny, who knows! Laughter is definitely the best medicine though!

Other:   Cocktails with lovely new friends, laid back anniversaries, the Tim Burton exhibition, french toast, having my amazing new editor love my article ideas, potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce, wonderfully talented photographers, friends visiting from overseas, my boyfriend finally choosing a good DVD (sorry hun but your choices are usually horrendous), very generous relatives, Ruby Woo lipstick (MAC) and evenings without plans.


Chris:   being able to go for runs after work.. the day light savings has been a real winner!

Felicity:   maxi skirts. freedom to do as I please and say yes to every opportunity. amazing amazing girlfriends. quince paste. xx

Fiona:   spending time with people who make the rest of the world disappear and finally learning how to not sweat the small stuff!

HealthyBalanceFitness:   ooh I love chai tea, new friends, Kookai, my brand new iPhone4, winning trifectas, Awesome Note app, Dior Hypnotic Poison

Kelly:   Loving days off for horses, wine, walks with gf’s & lots of goss! Castello cheese yum, Nov = peonies! & New blogs to read!

Lexi:   Chris Noth [AKA Mr Big] dressed up as Buzz Lightyear for Halloween… hello!

Sally:   Cup Day holiday which allowed an extra long weekend away with husband, wine and cheese :)

What made your October sparkle readers?

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Things I Love Thursday

October 7, 2010 at 5:23 pm (Things I Love)

Time for us to spill the positive vibes on what we’ve enjoyed this week. I’ve been thinking that I might make TILT a monthly affair – the first Thursday of every month.
What are your thoughts? Do you prefer having this little ray of sunshine weekly or a whopper hit monthly?

Let the loving begin…

There’s no place like home. I love being home in Melbourne and we had some beautiful weather over the weekend. I soaked it up with…

Minimal jet lag. Bonus!

Finding an apartment within 48 hours. Now I am not usually a lucky person, but I have to admit that this was the universe lining up and telling me that this whole ‘quit the corporate world to be a musician’ thing must be the right decision. Our new apartment is only a few streets away with lovely landlords, an extra bedroom and more modern kitchen and bathroom. T is most excited about the dishwasher (such a domestic god)!

Touching comments. I have had some really lovely comments from readers and friends on this blog and through email and Facebook. Such a great feeling. Thank you if you’re one of them.

Delightful catch up dinners with friends. I especially love these when they include red wine, woodfire pizza and lots of laughter.

Writing again. I attended the Melbourne Up and Comers fashion show last night for StyleMelbourne. Will be summing up the collections over the next 24 hours. So nice to get back into it so quickly.

Other:   friends who lend me their magazines, Melbourne coffee, new funky jewellery, hearing that the letter I sent made someone’s week, little compliments from relative strangers, letter writing, being productive and putting little ticks on my to do list, buying local produce at the markets, exercising again (sad but true) and surprising my workmates with my European morning tea.

Love Contributions

Deborah:   Hot drinks on a cold day!

Hannah:   Fabulous functions, gorgeous gals, warm weekends and no more football! (for a while!)

Holly:   Meeting people with similar passions, brilliant sunshine and gasp- warm- days! Helping people, black forest choccy!

Kelly:   Eat, Pray, Love – LOVED IT!!! Have read the book & loved the movie often very rare for me! Loved Julia!

Shitika:   Going to cocktail bars to do “research” for a story and the unlimited deadlines (optimism, yep!)

Steph:   Getting back in touch with old friends, homemade caramel shortcake, big storms, exciting new projects, Kate Morton’s books.

 What have you loved this week?

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Things I Love Thursday

September 16, 2010 at 10:06 pm (Things I Love)

Welcome to another wonderful Thursday! I’ve been very good at writing down little things on my TiLT list this week so as not to forget any of the tiny smiles. Some parts of our travels in Italy were tiring and frustrating but I remind myself that I am so lucky to be here experiencing European countries, their culture and their beauty.

Anyway, onto the more specific loves:

Seeing my parents! Catching up with my Mum and Dad for just under 24 hours in Rome this week was definitely the highlight. We ate, drank and laughed about travelling difficulties we’d encountered. I also took Dad on a wine tour for his birthday/Father’s Day.

Mid afternoon naps. Very necessary in the heat after way too much pizza and gelati!

These purple shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti (below). If you have a spare $500 Euro, please send a pair my way! *grin* I saw these in person and have been pining over them for days (click on image to e-boutique).

Spanish fried potatoes. Potatoes. Fried. With what tastes like mayonnaise with paprika. AMAZING.

Other: Being able to code this post through my iPhone (tricky), yoghurt gelato, free wifi, cheap buses, fresh pineapple, NYFW updates, new sunglasses, air conditioning, amazing pizza, beautiful church domes, pesto linguine and travelling with only carry on.

What have YOU been loving this week?

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Things I Love Thursday

September 9, 2010 at 5:50 pm (Things I Love)

Happy Thursday from Pisa everyone! I hope you have had an amazing week whichever country you are currently living in or exploring.

I have travelled from France over to Italy with a little difficulty as there was a strike on the other day which had cancelled trains left, right and centre. It was a challenging adventure but we managed to arrive and decided that we deserved gelati after all that stress.  : )

Anyway, onto the loves of the week… please add your own in the comments.  x

Nice. I absolutely adored the French city of Nice (despite the beach being rocks and not sand). It was vibrant and lively while still having a very relaxed atmosphere and beauty. There was so much to see and do but we only had two days to explore. My favourite place so far I think. 

Red wine. French and Italian red wines are amazing.

Fruit for breakfast. When you’ve been eating bread and pastries for almost 2 weeks straight, seeing fresh fruit as a brekky option is heaven. Yep, never thought I’d say that!

Getting clothing professionally washed. After washing items in the hand basin with our laundry detergent I cannot wait to have seriously clean clothes tomorrow morning. I don’t regret travelling carry on though because we have met many people struggling with heavy bags and excessive luggage which has reminded us how good the idea really was.

Other:   gelati, texts from my parents, great photos, writing blog posts on scraps of paper on the train, organic socks, MTV Italia, hatching new plans for when I return home and free breakfasts.

Cyberspace Contributions (thank you)!

Caitlin:   Things little kids say; working in industries you really love & how simple everything is under the influence of sleep debt.

Deborah:    I have been loving the Melbourne sunshine!

Fiona:   Everything! But missing you, hope you’re having an amazing time!

Hannah:   Mini cupcakes, spontaneous nights out, and creating a new life in Melbourne!

Holly:   Meeting new people, gorgeous new sunny days, great opportunities, finally getting the hair colour you want!

Melena:   Loving that it’s spring and that the air smells different and that the sun is shining. Oh and planning for spring racing.

Miss Stella:   Spring weather, summer dresses and painted toe nails. And sushi !

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Things I Love Thursday

August 27, 2010 at 4:22 pm (Things I Love)

Sorry that this week’s TiLT is a little late but internet access is a little touch and go when you’re on the road.

Mail goodies. I got a letter from a friend (decorated with pictures and colours) and a gorgeous Bon Voyage package from Kate Hill (which I’ll show you soon). I am so lucky!

My StyleMelbourne article is live. I also got a little message from the designer thanking me for my article and telling me that she loved my interpretation of the collection. : )

Packing victory. Yes it all fit in my carry on and I had room and weight to spare!

Other: Lovely customer service people, flight excitement, headbands, caffeine, long recovering sleeps, messages from friends back home, London’s cute streets and being overseas!

What have you loved this week readers?

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Things I Love Thursday

August 19, 2010 at 5:23 pm (Things I Love)

Good Thursday afternoon fabulous readers!
Hope you’re ready with your long lists of loves for the week.

This will be the last TiLT post that I will be doing from Melbourne for over a month – how exciting! TiLT from around the world is bound to be full of the weird and the wonderful. : )

Meeting new inspiring ladies. I had a great cabaret show/dinner evening with some fantastic girls on Sunday. They are full of ideas and enthusiasm – both of which I got swept up in! Awesome.

Pancakes for breakfast. A gourmet mini stack with fresh strawberries and syrup – is there anything more delicious and decadent for a Tuesday morning?

Gearing up for my Maintenance Cycle Challenge. Tonight I am having a professional facial, tomorrow I am having my very first pedicure and my hair coloured and Monday is the (feared) spray tan. Hopefully I will leave (and return) a bronzed, buffed and refreshed woman!

Getting crafty. On Friday night T and I attended a 21st birthday party with a masquerade theme. An hour before we started making our masks out of cheap kids masks, glitter and feathers. I was ever so slightly proud of the end result to be honest. I did, however, have glitter all over myself and our living room!

Getting closer to knowing what I want to do career-wise. I’d narrowed it down to working in the Learning and Development field and now I am thinking of veering off slightly into Coaching – particularly for people in their twenties and early 30s. Looking into qualifications at the moment. Watch this space.

Other:   Having a great netball game (and the war wound to prove it),  Chai Lattes, “in” jokes, 6 sleeps until we are Europe-bound, researching courses I’d like to do, fruit toast that has figs and apricots in it (yum!), topknots, pay rises, ticking off my To Do list items, laughing until my stomach hurts and the feeling when you get your makeup perfect.

 What have you loved this week?

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Things I Love Thursday

August 12, 2010 at 6:26 pm (Things I Love)

Here in Melbourne Thursday greeted us with a storm – certainly an interesting way to welcome the day anyway! Hope you have had lots of blissful moments to be grateful for this week. If not, sometimes it’s nice to know what’s making other people smile.

Happy Blog Birthday! Yesterday was this little blog’s 1st birthday which makes me a fairly proud mother. I’d love to get some feedback, questions or suggested topics if you have any ideas!

Long walks on the beach with new friends. I had a wonderful Sunday morning chatting and walking in the sunshine with a friend of mine, topped off with juice and scones at a local cafe. It’s so nice when you just click with someone!

Brand new makeup goodies that feel like presents. My lovely friend Holly gave me the fantastic NARS bronze/blush duo today that I sent her money for weeks ago when she was in the US. Despite the fact that I paid for them myself ages ago, getting them today felt like they were special gifts. : )

Flowers from T and gorgeous notes from our local Thai restaurant for our 22 month anniversary. Yeah yeah, celebrating month anniversaries is silly (but we like it so shhh). As a treat we ordered Thai takeaway from our favourite place (Bamboo and Lily in Elwood, Melbourne) and inside was this cute little note that the owner had written us. Thanks Lisa, it’s so cute!

Other:   new haircuts, girly lunch dates, cheeky glasses of vino, my brand spanking new carry on bag, that it’s less than 2 weeks until we fly away to foreign lands, good performance reviews, delicious steak sandwiches, laughing with colleagues, eighties themed parties and exciting deliveries.


Thanks to everyone who sent through what they’ve adored this week!

Airdrie:   Been loving have my family visit me from out of town. I’ve had three different lots so far. One more to arrive next week  : ) We’ve been going out 2 lots of restaurants, loads of shopping, taking day trips in the car.

Amy:   my upcoming trip to Europe, seeing the Royal NZ Ballet Company perform Romeo & Juliet, massages & facials, spending time with my mum, zumba classes and my beautiful friends who are there for me when I need them <3  Oh, one more thing: my morning walks to work listening to my ipod – sorry, huge list this week, loving so much right now  : )

Caitlin:   Days off, waking up happy, choc-caramel-peanut-amazingness icecream.. It was incredible.

Catherine:   New restaurants, MOR Belladonna Soapette, my family, cuddles and that it is only 3 short weeks til I’m on a plane overseas!

Fiona:   Change, fresh starts and new adventures. Xoxo

Holly:   Getting dressed up, my bf got a job interview, fun days in Melbourne, exciting conversations and delish food!

Jackson:   I’ve been loving painkillers. They are amaze.

Jade:   Seeing Inception, reading books and working on my new blog  : )

Penny:   I love the yummiest sushi ever at Oragami in Sth Melbourne – have been going there for 20 years and still love it! Oh, any anything black and white – except Collingwood!

Sandi:   Doing what I love and getting paid for it, being recognised and used for the potential I have and meeting new people.

Sandrine:   Sneaking behind my parents, my brothers & I, to plan their silver wedding anniversary ! No big party, just a little intimate family thing but still, how exciting !  ; )

Sarah:   That it snowed all week and I am going skiing tomorrow! My niece and sharing magazines (and lip balm!)

Tom:   Magazine comps. I won the brand new A-Diction album & mixtape just for answering who produced a particular track.

What is currently rocking your world?

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Things I Love Thursday

August 5, 2010 at 5:55 pm (Things I Love)

Thursdays just seem to arrive faster and faster – I can’t keep up! Anyway, here I am to continue this blog’s tradition of sending out a whole post of gratitude on a Thursday (originating of course from the queen herself, Gala Darling).

The pictures in today’s TiLT are brought to you by Guess. Their Fall 2010 ad campaign has a gorgeous early sixties vintage feel to it. I for one am loving the 50s/60s fashion trends coming back in with a modern twist. Fashionising has the whole campaign here.

What have I loved this week…?

Coming in under budget in Week 1. By $44.90 even. Maybe I’m not so terrible with money after all – I just needed a bit of structure.  : )

Shedding 4.9% body fat and 2cm off most of my body since June. All the Lite n Easy dinners, the BodyBalance classes, vigorous netball games and personal training sessions have paid off. Woohoo!

This quote. The thing that is really hard, & really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself. ~ Anna Quindlen

Appreciating my talent. A few days ago I listened to a number of songs I wrote and recorded years ago. At the time I thought they were pretty awful and laughed at myself for ever thinking I had an ounce of songwriting talent, but they weren’t too bad y’know! It reminded me that you really are your own worst critic.

Booking beauty appointments in the lead up to our trip. Oh yes, I was serious about taking on the Maintenance Cycle challenge. Brows done, hair cut tomorrow, facial on the 19th, hair colour on the 20th. As my nails are still stubs, I may need to have pedicures rather than manicures to complete the challenge.

Other:   feeling like I’m helping people at work, homemade cookies, making up silly rhymes, dreaming of all the glamourous things I can buy in Paris on my allocated shopping day (!), crawling into bed after a hot shower (awesome snuggly feeling), Saturday afternoon BBQs (with a little too much vino), gleeful anticipation, selling unwanted items on eBay, fruit tarts, breakfast dates and movie nights with girlfriends.

What have you been loving recently? Care to share in a comment?

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Things I Love Thursday

July 29, 2010 at 5:47 pm (Things I Love)

Since it has been a fortnight since I posted a TiLT, this is a bumper version of loves across all 14 days. Enjoy!

Coffee and Cold and Flu tablets. Lifesavers. Without these, I would not have been functioning last week.

Great Sunday nights out. T and I had a bit of a dramatic evening last Sunday which involved long drives in the dark/rain; so we decided that we’d treat ourselves to a nice dinner. We ended up at Big Mouth (corner Acland and Barkley Streets in St Kilda) with a live band and delicious tapas. Yum!

Getting back into fashion writing. I submitted a collection review this afternoon for StyleMelbourne and it felt so good to be able to write in a more creative way about beautiful designs. I’ll let you all know when the article is live.

Decluttering. I have listed a bunch of clothes, accessories and cosmetics on eBay as the start to a giant clean out of things I don’t wear/use anymore. I’ve been enjoying the thrill of having bids appear on my listings.
PS: It’s here and I post internationally. x

Having one of those rare days where your hair, makeup and outfit just work. Awesome.

Other:   porridge, netball, sparkly hair accessories, new books, my boyfriend feeding me vitamins, making my friends smile with handwritten letters, tissues with aloe vera, helping online friends, having great Mondays where you feel like a superhero and emptying half a can of purple hairspray into my hair for a ‘rock star’ kids party (with added KISS eye makeup with glitter).


Amy:   My friend Belinda, making plans for my birthday, shopping with my mum, finally finding that tailored blazer I’ve been searching for, adding new music to my collection, my new hair colour, paying off some old debts, finalizing my sketches for my next design collection and friends.

Caitlin:   Cold n Flu medication (definitely); Berocca (sensing a theme); Getting things done online ’cause I have no time to shop, amaaaazing massages that set my world straight; finding a bunch of old music & everybody who’s put up with me this week!

Felicity:   Robyn, Mike Snow & Local Natives. 5 sleeps till Florence. Yummy crunchy apples. Email chats with Sarah.

Holly:   My yummy roasted veg salad, the bf coming home in 5 days, compliments, exciting ideas/the promise of the future!

Jade:   I LOVE that I finally got to meet u, I get to go see family in Syd & catching up w/friends who are visiting Melbourne  : )

Kelly:   I love kicking goals at work & getting some praise. I love my two dogs fighting (nicely) to get cuddles from me.

Lyrian:   Putting art up on MY walls, Jasper’s coffee, Manbeth, walking the hour to work & Tom Waits

Nicole:   Spring stock trickling into stores. New friends. Getting my weeknights back now that Masterchef is over.

Penny:   Chanel Clogs (and no other clogs AT ALL) and Sass & Bide khaki army pants!

Sandi:   Honey & lemon tea, reuniting with an old friend, making progress, rewards programs, driving in the rain, sunny afternoons.

Sarah:   Networking with other bloggers, my work getting recognised from cool peeps, freebies to review, my wedding plans, time with my fiance, sweet and salty popcorn, pretty picture of Paris, the book I am currently reading and making blog headway.

Shitika:   Love the rain in Brisbane, got 2 stories published, new shoes and a lovely flower from a stranger ♥  : )

Steph:   Olives & feta, getting published, good hair days, home cooked food, seeing a film that lives up to the hype, a day off!

Thanks for all the tweets, now it’s time for the comments!
What has made you smile recently?

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